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What The Heck's Kiwi Punch?!

Kiwi Punch is a comic written and illustrated by LazyStudio! The comic is free to read and
always will be! You can find it over in the READ section or click the START READING button
below. Chapter 2 is already being worked on and under way. You can find updates by checking
back here or take a peek at the READ section for a percentage complete bar! The full story is looking
to be about 16 chapters and we’d love to see it finished by the end of 2022.


The Pakeli siblings have just rented their new shop on 44th block! However, in a city notorious for it’s crime, it seems they have unwanted visitors?! Representatives from the Karelo family here to collect!

Regardless of the threat of the local syndicate, they announce:

“We’ll be taking back this block, screw the Karelos!”

With the police, crime families, and other opponents in their way, this ragtag duo start their climb to the top! Will they survive or end up another statistic?

Welcome to Kiwi Punch.


Volume 1 Available and Shop SALE!!!

It’s finally here! The hard copy of Volume 1 is now available on Amazon! You can find the link below. Also be sure to show support by nabbing something from the shop! Thank you for everything folks. Let’s boogie!

Chapter 04 Now Available

Who will come out the victor between Nessy and Shiro?! Will the siblings win the gamble? What move are the Karelos making so soon? Find out in the newest chapter!

Learn some techniques and concepts on designing your own combat characters. You’ll
get an in depth look at how I go about it as well as tips and tricks to working on your own. From function to style. Please check it out in the Read section or on Youtube!


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